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Knitting Savant – Version 2.0

By Andrea

Welcome to our new Knitting Savant website! We know. It’s been awhile. We’re glad to be back in the online saddle again. You’ll find all of the same fun features …

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We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

By Andrea

Knitting Savant had a definitive beginning, a “birth” at a visioning retreat my friend, Patsy Terrell, led. She understood the power of dreaming “big” and had fairly insisted that I …

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Aunt Verna’s Molasses Cookies

By Andrea

I’ve been mentored by good cooks. My mom has the ability to put together an amazing meal at what seems to be a moment’s notice. There’s a place at her …

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Grown Up Bliss

By Andrea

I love macaroni and cheese, a trait I share with most five year-olds. Even as I’ve aged, and my palate has broadened, it is the reflexive answer I always give when …

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Sum of the Parts

By Andrea

Many of us make things with our hands because we like seeing pieces and parts start in a specific state and then, through our intentions and manipulations, transform into an object …

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Rosie’s Wine Stew

By Andrea

My husband, Steve, cooks this for me as a special meal. I wanted this to be the first recipe shared on Knitting Savant so he put together this post. – Andrea …

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