It Was A Good Day

Knitting can be a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s usually better when you’ve got a few friends around.

Group Photo from loft 1 2016

After taking a year off from sponsoring events, we offered the opportunity for a Day Retreat the last Saturday in January. When we announced the gathering via this website and social media we had no clue if anyone would sign up. We concluded we’d be happy with eight for the first time. We wound up having eighteen lovely yarn enthusiasts join us for the day retreat experiment. It was a big day!

We started projects, we restarted projects, we consulted with each other on the finer points of patterns, needles, and LED work lamps. Peg Dixie Kris 1 2016 Barbara Andrea 1 2016

Our location – the Kansas Sampler Foundation Barn – was the perfect setting, offering table space to spread out and quiet, comfortable areas to sit and work. We even drew beautiful weather, giving knitters a chance to wander around the farmstead when they needed a break.KS Sampler Foundation

Annette and Elizabeth 1 2016

There was time for focused work . . . Evenstar 1 2016

. . . and time for fun with Marci Penner and WenDee LaPlant as they talked about the work they do with the Kansas Sampler Foundation. WenDee and Marci

And helping everything work behind the scenes so the yarn enthusiasts could do their thing? My husband, Steve – aka “Cabana Boy” – greeted guests, set up tables, hustled food, kept everyone’s beverage glass filled, and had made sure everything ran smoothly. Steve 1 2016

Seriously, he’s a keeper!

Based on feedback from the participants, we’ll make sure there’s another day retreat sooner rather than later. Watch this space!