The Batt Bar

Winter Woolfest 2015 had a wide array of vendors offering some truly lovely products. Then there was Nikol Lohr, who’s Batt Bar put on a little show for anyone who wanted to watch. Batts consist of fiber that’s combed straight on a machine called a drum carder. Spinners and other artists used the combed batts to create yarn and other fiber creations.

I happened to be at Nikol’s booth when a customer, Audrey, decided she wanted to step up to the Batt Bar and have a go. I immediately recognized Audrey as good people because of the Walnut Valley Festival t-shirt she was wearing. Anyone who goes to Walnut Valley is alright in my book. Audrey wanted her batt to “look like a sunset – bright with a little bit of sparkle”. She and Nikol started diving into the fiber and pulling colors as her friends sat watching the fun.

Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v1

Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v2

Once the colors were chosen, Nikol got to work.

Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v5

Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v6

Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v7

It was fascinating to see her feed the fiber through the drum carder, building the batt layer by layer, and adding bits of color and sparkle over the top. It was definitely a show and in the end, Audrey got her fiber sunset.

Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v8 Batt Bar Story WWF Jan 2015 v9She’s promised to bring a finished project from this batt to the Festival in September. I can’t wait to see it!