Better Than Cable TV

We’re a mixed species household here at The 204. Humans, felines, fish, we welcome many. This guy, Dyson Monroe Peterson (Junior Entertainment Associate), is an enthusiastic part of the clan. DysonCan you say, “personal assistant”? That’s Dyson in a nutshell, heavy emphasis on “nut”.

So when Steve pointed out that Dyson and his cat pal – Petey Walter Peterson (Senior Entertainment Associate) – had a favorite toy  in need of replacement, I felt the double whammy of being a bad cat mom and a negligent knitter. Tattered MouseSeriously, the boys had almost loved this into oblivion. It was time to get to work.

I’ve been making Jo Chandler’s Felted Mouse pattern for years because I can use odd ends of leftover wool (you can click here for a link to the Ravelry page). I worked up four in short order. Pre-felt MiceWhy do I work these in non-mouse colors and with stripes? Experience. My first felted rodents were done in mouse colors and looked way too real when lying in the middle of the floor. Fortunately, the boys don’t care about colors or stripes and it’s better for my blood pressure. After they’re worked up and felted, I put dried catnip sachets in the middle of the batting when I stuff them. I dried some catnip from our herb garden and I use old nylon knee highs to contain it. Catnip 1

Tie a knot, fill with about a tablespoon of dried catnip, tie another knot close the the herbs, repeat. I’ve done two in a row in the photo above, and then cut them apart in the photo below.
Catnip 2Note – if you have resident felines, put them behind a closed door for this process or you’ll have catnip everywhere. Again, experience talking. At this point, I wrap the sachets in batting and stuff the entire bundle into the felted mouse and stitch it closed.

Dyson and Petey are loving on their new batch of toys, the purple and white striped one being their current favorite. Watching them carry it around the house in their mouth, fling it in the air and then recapture it with their paws is better than anything on cable. Finished Mice

I’m glad to be back in their good graces.