Loose Ends

A friend used to say, “I’m just in a mood.” There’s never an explanation of what the said mood was, it simply seemed to describe a general need to get something done and heaven help the person who gets in their way.

I’m feeling the same way about my knitting this week. I’m just in a mood. Too many things have been hanging fire and I’m being strict with myself when it comes to new projects. I’m not putting anything new on the needles until a few things are finished. And as it happens, there’s at least one project that isn’t showing up the way I’m seeing it in my mind’s eye.

I’ve been thinking for awhile that a log cabin type baby bib could have a couple of benefits. It could be adorable AND use up a lot of tiny little odds and ends of cotton yarn I’ve got laying around. I’ve been noodling on the idea for awhile, and now I’m noodling on the beta version of a pattern. I’m finding a couple of hiccups. There are going to be a bunch of ends to weave in. I’m rarely enthused about weaving in ends. Baby Bib - BackI’m going to need to get my mind right and generate a lot of enthusiasm to deal with all these ends.

And I’ve got to figure out why my pick up stitches are making my joins off kilter. Baby Bib - Front

I know, it’s a small thing but my OCD-ness is kicking in and making me a little nuts, to tell the truth. This project has been laying in the bag for a few weeks now because frankly, I’m annoyed by it. However, it’s close enough to being done that I’ve written “Finish baby bib” on my To-Do List for this weekend. Maybe the thrill of checking it off will give me the inspiration I need to get it done. Here’s hoping. If you don’t see me until Monday, you’ll know that I’ve ginned up the enthusiasm and am weaving in ends. Those endless loose ends.

I’m also within sight of finally finishing a sweater I’ve had on the needles for much too long. The back and two front panels are complete and I’m currently working on both sleeves at the same time. If you know me, you’ll know that my brain/learning style has balked at the “two of anything at the same time” method of knitted garment construction. There are a pair of mittens currently languishing in my project basket in Time Out for that very reason. Cable Swing Coat Sleeves 5 2014However, these sleeves only had one small setback in the beginning and that was before the cable pattern started. They may be the thing that convinces me this technique isn’t as twisted (literally) as I’d previously thought or experienced. It’s good for me to remember that just because I experience an “insurmountable opportunity” with one project doesn’t mean I can’t ever be successful with a specific technique or future project. It may take time for the memories to fade and the willingness to try again, but who knows? I might just enjoy myself the next time around.

Now, where’s that baby bib?

On The Road Again

VanWe’re happy to announce we’re hitting the road again with another fiber filled fun overnight adventure with Knitting Savant on July 18 and 19, 2014. We’ve had requests for another road trip and decided a mini yarn hop through the Flint Hills of Kansas might be just the ticket. This handsome guy will be driving again . . . KS Road Trip Steve

. . . and he’s got a very scenic route planned for the trip. We’ll be visiting some great yarn shops, eating good food, and enjoying the company of fellow knitters and crocheters. We’ve also thrown in another Mystery Stop again to keep things really interesting!

We’ve had an early response to an email we’ve sent out and there are only three spaces remaining on this trip. If you’d like more information or would like to sign up to go along, you can find more information and a link to the registration form here or on the Events & Classes section of our website.

We hope you can join us!