Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

A month ago, I wrote this post about the Dotted Rays Wrap I knit for my baby sister, Amy, in honor of her wedding to her fella, Kelly. Since writing that piece, I’ve had several questions about how it turned out. I’m happy to report that it was finished, blocked, and delivered to her waiting hands with two days to spare. She was so happy and like any sister/knitter, I was happy that she was happy. As it turned out, the wrap helped keep the chill off her when the wedding day turned out to be overcast and windy. Amy used the words “saved my bacon” in a text to me the day after.

In the mad rush of the day, I didn’t get any photos of Amy in her wrap. Thank goodness for Brandy Somers, professional photographer extraordinaire. She not only captured the bride and groom and guests, she captured the joy of the day in her beautiful pictures. She’s given me permission to share a few of them here. (Please check out her website at Brandy Somers Photography.)

So there was this, Dad walking Amy down the aisle. This is where my happy tears started leaking.

bsomeimg_1201And all day we saw them radiating this kind of joy . . .



It was the perfect start to a new chapter in their lives – – – surrounded by people who love them and who celebrate their marriage.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!