For The Love of Love

Today has been designated as the day to celebrate one of the ties that bind us. It’s I Love Yarn Day! Not that knitters and crocheters don’t love yarn every day. Today, we get our public fiber groove on, let the world know how we roll, and invite them along for the ride.

My crafting roots run long and deep. I started knitting in second grade and have worked my way through embroidery, sewing, counted cross stitch, quilting, crocheting, and tatting, but I always come back to knitting. Yarn and needles in my hand ground me and allow me to craft objects that are beautiful (most of the time) and practical. I knit because I love to and recently, I’ve been knitting because of love.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been stealing time here and there to work on something for my baby sister in celebration of her marriage to her beloved. I wanted to make her a wrap and so when we were together in June, we trolled Ravelry and she found a pattern she liked – Stephen West’s “Dotted Rays” (click here for the link). It’s a simple and elegant pattern that suits her taste and style. I’m working it in Manos del Uruguay’s “Fino” in a deep purple, one of their wedding colors. I know she’ll appreciate the silk and wool blend as well as the fact the yarn is a Fair Trade product that supports women in the Third World. The fact it’s been a fun pattern to work on has been a huge bonus.

My baby sister is an accomplished and amazing woman who I love and admire. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like (which is why I let her choose the pattern). By her own admission, she has “a fetish for cheap cashmere” (who doesn’t?) however, she doesn’t like to sew. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to find a package in the mailbox last week containing a cashmere sweater in need of repair. She also included a perfectly cool bracelet in the package, which I love.

I’ve been happy to do repairs for her over the years and while I had to pull the plug on one of her long lived favorites this summer, I’ve been quietly waiting for the next project. It’s been a way of taking the the hand work I like to do, and sharing a little love a half a continent away. Amy's cashmere

This one is lovely, but may produce the biggest challenge yet for an invisible repair. Here’s hoping a magnifying light and the exact right thread will give this sweater a little extra life.

Amy's knits

I’ve been contemplative as I’ve been knitting on this piece for Amy. I’ve remembered the day she was born and how happy I was to have a sister. As I look at the variegation in the hand dyed yarn I think about the variegation in our lives, the light and dark places, and am grateful for the good man who will be her companion for the rest of the journey. I say prayers of health, happiness, contentment, and abundance for her as well as prayers of gratitude that she’s my sister. My hope is that when she wraps herself in this, she feels them all.